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Origins Online Private Alpha

Origins Online Private Alpha

A lot of things were done in the past months, and now we're about ready to accept staff applications for the private alpha stage, to help with the tons of things that are still in need to be done before launching the server. As of now, we still don't have a roadmap or an expected launch date, but we'll come up with one someday soon! If you want to get involved with the server's development, please see the Help Wanted page. We're waiting for you!

Here's some info about our plans for this server:


Rates will most likely be 5/5/5/3. This means that you get Base exp. and Job exp. 5 times faster than official servers, and the monsters drop 5 times the items they drop in official servers. MVP, Boss and Castle drops are as high as 3 times the drop rate on official servers.

Max Level and Max Stats

As in the official servers (pre-RE), max levels will be 99/50, 99/70, 99/99 (depending on the character's class)


A set of (non-game-breaker) @commands and whisper-commands will be made available to the players (some of which are custom, self written by our developers). For more info about them, please see the About page.

Unique features

Our server has the purpose to look as much as possible like the official servers, in their Pre-Renewal state, and we don't have the unbalancing custom items and NPCs that you can find in most private servers.

Classic RO

Since we dislike many of the changes that were introduced by the Renewal system (RO isn't a cute game anymore?? That can't be true!), we'll be closely following the developments of the Classic iRO server, starting from the origins (that's where our name comes from!), and make the Rune-Midgard world evolve bit by bit, evaluating each Episode before including it in the game in order to avoid breaking the gameplay, and helped by our players' feedback.

Character looks

Since the official cloth colors and hairstyles are old and boring, we provide facilities to change every aspect of your character's style and colors! Each character will come to life with its own skin color, just like in real life (normal, pale, tan, dark), and there will be skin-treatment clinics to change it, as well as barbers to change one's hairstyle or dye their hair, and tailors to help choosing cloth colors, and a wardrobe where to keep all your favorite clothes. All the dyes and cloth colors have been hand-picked by our staff, to make sure that they all fit well within the RO world.

Master Login System

Tired to type your password everytime you login from your computer into your RO account? Tired of looking up the usernames and passwords of your several Game Accounts? And so we are!

That's why we've introduced the Master Login System: You will only need one username and one password in order to log in to the game (to all of your accounts), to the forums and to the Control Panel. And the Game Launcher will let you decide whether you want to memorize your username, your password, or both, so that you won't have to type them anymore on your own computer!

Furthermore, all the Game Accounts linked to your Master Account will have an additional Storage (Master Storage) shared between them: sharing gears and items between your own characters has never been this easy.

Worried about sharing your support priest with a friend, or sharing a brewer with your guild? We've thought of that already: you will be able to create a guest password to access one specific Game Account, without having to disclose your Master Account to anybody else. Just log in to the Control Panel, decide a password (or let it generate one for you) and decide whether to give it an expiration date. The people you'll share that password with, will be able to access that specific Game Account, but nothing else from your Master Account. Once you decide you don't want to share that character anymore, just revoke the Guest Password, and nobody will be able to access it anymore.


For those who like some custom bits of customizations, we have a whole Side-World, based on official maps that aren't available anymore in official servers. The world is fully functional, with in increasing amount of quests that will reveal details about the history of Rune Midgard.

There are also some headgears that in official are obtainable through paid services, with the difference that here you can get them for free during seasonal events (we try to make the seasonal events as much close as official servers as we can, to avoid unbalances), or with some quests in our Side-World®.

To avoid getting bored of the usual grinding and killing, the Side-World will also be packed with several Mini-Games.

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