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Origins Online Episode 0.5

Origins Online Episode 0.5

Hello Players!

A new content update for Origins Online is out!

Episode 0.5

Some Press Releases from the Kafra Headquarters:


Once long ago, sailors from Alberta told an interesting tale about a seaman who suffered through a violent storm. His ship was badly damaged and drifted aimlessly until it eventually washed up on an exotic land, full of strange plants and odd-looking houses. Locals offered him food, water, and shelter. After some time, the seaman was able to repair his ship and return to his home of Alberta.
Years later, after he had passed away of old age in his home, villagers found his nautical charts aboard his old ship and brought them to King Tristan Gaebolg III. The king announced that if anyone could gather more information about this land, he would be well rewarded. Since then, many adventurers and brave captains alike have ventured into the sea to discover more information about this land until, one day, an adventurer from the mountain region of Payon, managed to reach the new land and document his route.
Over time, people became familiar with the exotic culture of the island. As they learned more about it, they learned of its name, Amatsu. They also discovered a castle to the east named, "Lakeside Castle." This new discovery encouraged many adventurers, who had become weary of the Emperium Wars and the Heart of Ymir, to start adventuring once again.
Now, 5 years later, thanks to an agreement between King Tristan Gaebolg III and Ishida Yoshinaga of Amatsu, an official trade route has been opened between the two countries, and it is possible for everyone to safely travel between Alberta and Amatsu.

A short summary of the new content of Episode 0.5:

  • Maps: Town and Field of Amatsu, Tatami Maze and Undreground Shrine (Amatsu Dungeon), Island of Jawaii.
  • Quests: Most of the quests from, or related to Amatsu.
  • Marriage System: Couples can get married in the Prontera Church (straight couples only) or in the Lutie Chapel (allowing same-sex marriages).

Note: Even though we decided to keep the 'beta' title for this episode, we're confident about the server's stability, so it's planned that NO WIPES will (ever) occur past this stage.

Here's a short list of current main content that is available as of Episode 0.5 (in bold the new content not present in Episode 0.4.)


  • Swordsman/Swordswoman, Knight, Crusader.
  • Mage, Wizard, Sage.
  • Archer, Hunter/Huntress, Bard/Dancer.
  • Merchant, Blacksmith, Alchemist.
  • Thief, Assassin, Rogue.
  • Acolyte, Priest/Priestess, Monk.
  • Novice/Super Novice.


  • Monster spawns are largely based on iRO classic, as described at: http://db.irowiki.org/classic/


Prontera region:
  • Prontera City, including Prontera Castle
  • Izlude Town
  • Byalan Island
  • Undersea Tunnel
  • Prontera Fields
  • Prontera Culverts
  • Hidden Temple
  • St. Capitolina Abbey
  • Valkyrie Realm
Aldebaran region:
  • Aldebaran city
  • Clock Tower
  • Mt. Mjolnir
  • Coal Mine
  • Luina
Geffen region:
  • Geffen Town
  • Geffen Tower dungeon
  • Geffen Fields
  • Orc Dungeon
  • The lost city of Glast Heim
  • Britoniah
Payon region:
  • Payon Town, Archer Village
  • Payon Fields
  • Payon Cave
  • Alberta Town
  • Alberta Island
  • Sunken Ship
  • Turtle Island
  • Greenwood Lake
Morroc region:
  • Morroc Town
  • Morroc Fields
  • Pyramids Dungeon
  • Sphinx Dungeon
  • Ant Hell
Comodo region:
  • Comodo Beach town
  • Comodo Caves
  • Kokomo Beach
  • Papuchicha Forest
  • Kokomo Beach
  • Zenhai Marsh
  • Fortress Saint Darmain
  • Beacon Island Pharos
Umbala region:
  • Umbala village
  • Luluka Forest
  • Hoomga Jungle
  • Kalala Swamp
  • the Tree of Umbala
Juno region:
  • Juno city
  • Juno fields (narrow path between Aldebaran and Juno)
  • Nogg Road dungeon
Lutie region:
  • Lutie town
  • Lutie field
  • Toy Factory
Outside Midgard:
  • Hvergelmir's Fountain (Trunk of Yggdrasil)
  • Niflheim, the Realm of the Dead
  • village of Skellington
  • valley of Gjoll
  • Amatsu town
  • Amatsu field
  • Tatami Maze / Underground Shrine
  • Jawaii Island

Episode 0.5 map

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