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From Sunday 12 April 2020, 00:00 UTC
To Sunday 26 April 2020, 24:00 UTC

A horde of Eclipses have taken over Prontera Fields!

One woman desperately hopes to recover her pets,
but her companion has other plans...

Talk to the Lunatic at Prontera, 156, 172
to begin the quest.

Friend or Foe?

Craft taming items to capture an Eclipse
or hunt them down for loot!

Choose who to help!

Side with Caroline or Abigail to get different rewards!

Eclipse Pet Egg*

Lunatic Hat Costume*

*Rewards can only be obtained once per Master Account.

A Choco-Eggstravaganza!

Find Choco Eggs hidden around towns to get chocolate treats!
Keep an eye out for rare White Choco Eggs!