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Closed Beta is now over!

Closed Beta is now over!

The Closed Beta stage is finally over. I'd like to thank everyone who participated and reported bugs and issues. Without your help we'd never have reached this point.

As I'm writing, the Closed Beta server is going offline, and it will soon be replaced by the Open Beta server.

As announced before launching, all the data (characters, items, etc) will be wiped, since they were meant to be temporary and only for testing, and the rates will be changed to the standard ones (5/5/5/3). This is, hopefully, the last server wipe we'll ever face!

As it happened during the transition from Alpha to Closed Beta, all the character names belonging to active users (at least one recent login) will be preserved for thirty days, during which only the former owner will be able to create a new character with those names (the characters will, of course, start as 1/1 novices, only the names are kept). Once past those 30 days, any names that haven't been claimed yet, will be released, and made available to everyone else to register.

For those who participated in the Closed Beta, an extensive list of all the changes will be posted in the Beta Tester section of the forum.

Once the Open Beta will be up, a new announcement will be made through all the conventional channels (Forum, Home Page, Twitter, Facebook), and a newsletter will be sent (according to your forum email settings).

This is all for now. The Open Beta will be online as soon as we're done setting it up! Stay tuned~

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