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Episode 0.9.1: Juperos Ruins

Episode 0.9.1: Juperos Ruins

Once a city belonging to an ancient civilation, the Ruins of Juperos now lie deep beneath the earth. Although there is little information to be gleaned about their origins, the ruins share many similarities to the city of Juno.

Located within El Mes Gorge (yuno_fild07), Juperos Ruins is infamous for its mysteriously mechanized host of monsters that draw adventurers from all corners and creeds. Once you get past the mighty Harpies guarding the entrance, you'll have to face Dimiks, Venatu, and even Vesper, the Boss of Juperos' core. It's not a journey for the faint of heart.

For those who wish to explore rather than fight, Juperos boasts incredible architecture and mechanical marvels. And some say if you listen closely, you can almost hear what sounds like a tune of nostalgia pulling at your heart strings.

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